Some Of The Most Common Repair Jobs For Electricians

There are many jobs in a wide range of fields that you have to do or seem to be doing over and over again.  With a plumber you are going to break up clogs, for a painter you will paint a wall.  When it comes to electrical repairs in Johnson City, TN, an electrician will typically come across the following.

Flickering lights

If your light flickers it means that power is jumping between the connection and the flow of power.  If your light flickers, it can be a few different things.  Frist of all, your plug isn’t seated correctly in the socket or your bulb is not tight.  From there, a short may be present in the wires of the lamp or other light source.

electrical repairs in Johnson City, TN

Bulbs burn out

Light bulbs are designed to last a long time – in many cases years.  However, if you find yourself replacing light bulbs on a regular basis then you may want to consider contacting an electrician.  If your bulbs keep burning out, you may have a large voltage problem that is sending too much current to the bulb causing it to burn out.  The dimmer switch or light switch may be faulty as well, causing the circuit to open and close.

The circuit breaker keeps tripping

This is probably going to be one of the most common reasons you contact an electrician.  In general, your breakers will never trip.  If they do once, then this may have just been a fluke.  If they keep tripping and you don’t have or haven’t changed anything that has been plugged into those outlets on that line, then you will want to consider contacting an electrician to come out and do an investigation.

When it comes to electricity it is a very straight forward process.  Either it will work or it won’t.  When it doesn’t work then you need to call in a professional to see what is going on.