Your Kids vs. Mosquitoes: What to Know

Warmer weather is right around the corner, and with it comes the return of everybody’s least favorite insects: mosquitoes and ticks. While you probably know a good deal of things you can do to protect yourself when you’re outside and having to deal with mosquitoes, but what can you do to keep your kids safe from mosquito bites this year?

There are a good deal of things you can do to keep your kids safe from bites while playing outside. Consider some of the following things you can keep in mind to keep your children safe while having fun this year.

The first thing you can consider is dressing your child for the occasion. Remember that mosquitoes like darker clothing, so if you want to keep some of them away from your child, consider dressing them in lighter colored clothing and minimizing the amount of exposed skin that could be bitten by using pants or longer sleeves, if possible.

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You should also clear your yard of any standing water. Mosquitoes love standing water, and it is capable of becoming a breeding ground for the pests. If you want to make sure you can keep as many mosquitoes out of your yard as possible, go through carefully and make sure you aren’t seeing any standing water, and if you see any, rid your yard of it quickly to discourage breeding.

Mosquitoes are most active in the earliest and latest hours of the day, so think about keeping kids inside during the dusk hours and dawn hours. This way, you can minimize their exposure to mosquitoes during the most active hours.

To get a head start on keeping the mosquitoes out of your lawn, consider getting in touch with mosquito treatment in Hanover services. This way, you will have most of the mosquitoes out of your lawn before they get a chance to start breeding, and have more chances to enjoy time outside without being bitten by anything.